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Welcome to Recreation Publications File(s) Upload Page

1. If you get a security pop-up window, click on the "YES" button.
2. If you do not see the white upload window below, then please read this...
Note that Rad Upload is a java applet and requires that you have java run time environment 1.4.1 or newer installed on your computer.
If you do not have the right java plug-in installed you will be prompted to install it.
If you browser does not support this auto install feature you can download the Java Run Time environment free from
3. You CAN NOT upload a whole folder, unless the folder is first zipped/stuffed, but you can drag multiple files together into the upload window.
4. To assure uploaded files work properly make sure that file names don't include spaces and always include the file extension in the file name, i.e. filename.jpg
5. Simply drag the file(s) to be uploaded into the upload window below. An "Upload in progress" window will show you the upload status.
6. After files are finished uploading you will see them listed in the upload window.
7. Make sure you contact Recreations Publications to let them know of your completed upload.


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