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Writers and Staff

Don Abbott   |   Publisher
A boater himself for over 50 years, Don Abbott brings his expertise to every page of Bay and Delta Yachtsman magazine. A former sail and  power boat broker in Hawaii and the Bay Area, Don is sensitive to the  needs of advertisers as well as consumers.


Ty Mellott   |   Co-Publisher & Advertising Sales
Bay & Delta Yachtsman

Ty Mellott grew up boating in Wyoming on Seminoe Reservoir. He graduated from Hanna Elk Mtn. High and then joined the Navy. After a four-year stint and serving on-board the USS Missouri BB63, Ty was honorably discharged from the military as a Second Class Petty Officer. It was while in the Navy and during the re-commissioning of the “MO” in San Francisco that he fell in love with the Bay & Delta area.

After serving in the Navy, Ty attended college and worked for Delta Airlines in Southern California and Florida.

Since coming on board with Recreation Publications in February of 1997, Ty has been involved primarily with the advertising sales for Bay & Delta Yachtsman. He also participates in many boat shows, shoots cover photos and writes the occasional feature article. Ty takes pride in continuing to give the readership the same quality publication they have come to expect year after year.

Ty served 9 years on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Marine Association which included one year as President. He currently sits on and serves the Board of Directors for the California Delta Chambers as Past President. Ty is an avid boater to this day and is involved in supporting the preservation and wellbeing of the Delta Region.


Daniel Witte   |   Editor
Daniel graduated from San Francisco State University with a Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Degree in May. He enjoys writing and just completed a Bay Area transit guide for blind and low vision individuals. Daniel currently covers the morning news at a UC Berkeley radio station, KALX, as well as an internship at another UC Berkeley station, KPFA.

Besides writing and radio, he enjoys snow skiing, bicycling and other outdoor adventure activities. Having skied since the age of 10, Daniel enjoys many resorts but claims Alpine Meadows as his favorite.

Boating has always been one of his favorite activities. Daniel has been boating on the Delta since he was a small child. His family has had their ski boat since then and to this day still enjoys waterskiing and wakeboarding. Plenty of his days are spent cruising the California Delta, Sacramento and American Rivers as well as the Bay in the family’s 40’ Sea Ray, with many weekends being found just anchoring out, swimming and relaxing. In addition, he also enjoys doing other boat related excursions such as fishing trips on party boats and crabbing off Half Moon Bay.

Daniel became interested in Bay & Delta Yachtsman upon graduating college. As he began looking for jobs after graduation, he thought working in the boating and recreational industry would be great. He met Bill Wells at Marina West Yacht Club and decided to give him a call to ask if he knew of any job openings at the Yachtsman. He said that the magazine was looking for a copy editor. Since he liked boating, writing and reading, Daniel thought the job was a great fit for him. In addition, he hopes to gain more knowledge about the Delta and Bay while completing his editorial tasks. He is also very interested in the environmental aspects of the Delta, and has worked with Restore the Delta Foundation, writing letters and attending rallies.

When on the Delta, he enjoys several events in the area. Two of his favorites are karaoke at Moore's Riverboat and the Rusty Porthole. He also participates in the Frozen Bun Run held on January 1st every year.


Bill Wells   |   Delta Rat Scrapbook
Bill moved to California in 1947 with his parents and brother. His father was an avid bird hunter and fisherman. As a child he accompanied his dad and brother on fishing and hunting trips in the Delta. He still has fond memories of his first overnight trip on the Delta aboard a family friend’s Chris Craft cruiser in the early 1950's. Except for four years in the U.S. Navy and seven years living in Hawaii Bill has spent most of his life around the Delta area.

Bill is a retired yacht broker and currently is the Executive Director of the California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau and past Commodore of the Northern California Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association in addition to writing the monthly Delta Rat Scrapbook column for Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine.


Jean (John) Pierre Salla  |   Advertising Coordinator & Office Manager
JP is a Northern Nevada native who first came to work for Recreation Publications back in 1994 in the Art Department as the Art Director. After pursuing other interests and leaving in 2006, Recreation Publications is happy to have him back since early 2013.

JP now serves as office manager as well as the advertising coordinator. His past knowledge and experience in the art department is invaluable in dealing with day to day questions regarding layout and design.

A father of two boys, JP spends his free time laughing, running and hugging. Tournament baseball and fly-fishing are his passions and when not with his sons, his free time will be spent in one of those two arenas.


Kimmie Haworth   |   About The Bay
A recreational boater for over 35 years, Kimmie Haworth has experience with both sail and power. She has lived on board since 1984 and has recently moved onto a trawler with her husband Captain Sweetie and Miss Eartha Kitt, the resident boat cat. “Boating is my passion, gardening is my profession.” Wearing two hats for such different worlds is not a problem for Kimmie. She has worked as a television producer, a garden show host for HGTV and the DIY Network, writes a regular column for, in addition to writing and hosting over 200 gardening radio programs for the predecessor of Sirius Radio. Kimmie is a witty and entertaining speaker at both gardening and boating events around the county delighting audiences with her animated and lively seminars. Her writing experience is vast. Columns and special interest features have been published in Sunset Magazine, Sea Magazine, Organic Gardening Magazine, Bottom Line and Rebecca’s Garden Magazine in addition to dozens of internet venues including,,,, just to name a few. Currently, in addition to writing her regular columns at Bay and Delta Yachtsman Magazine and, she is working on a book of favorite cruising destinations on the San Francisco Bay and Delta.


Mark Reid   |   Front Rudder
Mark Reid joined the Bay & Delta Yachtsman family mid 2012 to cover the America’s Cup events in his increasingly popular monthly column Front Rudder. Having followed or written about the America’s Cup since the early 80’s Mark brings with him an exciting and educational perspective to each article written.

Mark relocated from Minnesota back to the Bay area to where spending time with his Son is a huge priority. A distinguished author, Mark has put the finishing touches on his first book on the America’s Cup titled “Riblets, Plastic and a Frontrudder” regarding the 1987 GG Challenge and is currently working on his second book that is about George L. Schuyler.

Mark enjoys going to the Indy 500 every year spending time on Mackinac Island and hiking along Lake Superior Shore Trail. His interests included sailing, camping, downhill skiing, running, the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Twins and all Fighting Illini Sports.


Pat Carson   |   Lesson's Learned and Boat Reviews
Pat Carson is a USCG licensed captain and operates commercial passenger vessels in the San Francisco Bay and Delta area. He is a partner with Bay Area Yachting Solutions, a company that provides hand on boating instruction, local and coastal deliveries, and maintenance of recreational vessels. Pat is one of the newest members to the Yachtsman crew and is looking forward to bringing his boating skills and knowledge to the readership.


Terry Goble   |   Art Director
An artist by nature, graphic designer by trade, Terry has worked with many different media; acrylic, watercolor, marker, colored pencil and pen and ink (his favorite). With a background in architechtural drawing the transition from artist to designer was an easy one for Terry. Attention to detail, balance in design and pride in workmanship are all aspects Terry puts into every piece he creates.



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